dix! provides a full range of services critical to today's publishing environment.
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dix! can help you solve a few or all of the challenges that are inevitably part of the process from rough manuscript to finished pages.
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8462 Wayfarer Drive
Cicero, NY 13039
Founded in 1923, dix! provides the stable, reliable, and customer-friendly service critical to today's publishing environment.

Having produced more than 10,000 books, our skills are broad, and include expertise in Trade, Cookbooks, Heavily Illustrated work, Foreign Language Press, Self-help books, Encyclopedias, and Math and Technical publications. Our workforce includes paginators and proofreaders with an average of 20 years experience in the field.

Our Account Service Managers each have over 20 years of experience serving the needs of publishing professionals. We pride ourselves in listening to your requirements and anticipating "problems," skills that result in on-time completion of press-ready pages that enhance your finished product.
How we started: The hot metal years, 1923-1970.

1956: Initial foray into "cold type" (Photostat camera and Filmotype).

1960: Photomaster cameras put into production.

1965: Alphatype typesetter equipment added to the line.

Where we've been: The early computer years, 1970-1991.

1973: dix! installs its first Data General System with 2 Mergenthaler VIP phototypesetters.

1978: Mergenthaler 202 phototypesetters replace VIP models.

1978: The last Linotype is retired at dix!

1979: Penta systems are installed at dix!

1981: Miles systems are installed at dix!

1991: First Mac is installed at dix! in Syracuse.

dix! today: It's a Mac world. Today's dix! workstations consist primarily of PowerMacs and Plasma Displays running Quark and InDesign.
1926: Company founder Fred G. Dix (front center) seated at the first dix! "workstation" (Linotype).
1931: dix! expanded Linotype line in Syracuse, NY.
1958: Shop floor at dix! in Syracuse.
1983: dix! employee group photo.
2001: PowerMac w/Plasma Display at dix!
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