dix! provides a full range of services critical to today's publishing environment.
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dix! can help you solve a few or all of the challenges that are inevitably part of the process from rough manuscript to finished pages.
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8462 Wayfarer Drive
Cicero, NY 13039
dix! has a complete Art Studio that can perform all aspects of art preparation. We can take art from original concept to final image, or we can use input from any form, convert it to a publishable image and merge it with body copy. Most important, we can provide a uniform look to all of the art and graphic images in your project, even if the input comes from different or inconsistent sources.

Images come to us in hard copy and in all manner of digital forms. We have techniques for creating excellent charts and graphs from electronic spreadsheet input. We provide both lo- and hi-resolution scanning and know how to enhance existing art so that it complements your book.

Our imaging services include a full range of scanning, whether one- or four-color, image enhancement, insertion of graphic files into text files, supporting PC, Macintosh, or UNIX graphic applications, and film or photographic paper output. Our Account Executives are prepared to answer any "Can you do this?" questions. Please feel free to contact them at 315-478-4700.
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