dix! provides a full range of services critical to today's publishing environment.
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dix! can help you solve a few or all of the challenges that are inevitably part of the process from rough manuscript to finished pages.
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We have several foreign language books to produce. What are your capabilities in this area?
dix! has done hundreds of foreign language books. We are able to create and modify fonts and have proofreaders on staff who can proof in many languages, including those listed below. Specialized software allows us to efficiently and accurately handle the accent marks required by some languages. We have completed projects in Spanish, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, and Russian.

I have just received an author's disk that includes charts and tabular data created in Excel, Powerpoint, and MS Word. Can you convert and bring these into a Quark document?
Yes! We have specialized software that allows us to do just that. Deciphering and utilizing unusual files is one of our strengths. We are interested in solving these kinds of challenges.

Over the past few years my company has invested in internal composition resources. However, we occasionally run out of resources to complete a project, either due to the amount of corrections or the onset of a more important project. Is there any way for you to complete my project after we have started the first-pass pagination?
Yes, we can do this. We regularly pick up projects that are partially completed.

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