dix! provides a full range of services critical to today's publishing environment.
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dix! can help you solve a few or all of the challenges that are inevitably part of the process from rough manuscript to finished pages.
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8462 Wayfarer Drive
Cicero, NY 13039
dix! was founded in 1923 and has typesetters with over 30 years of experience encompassing the days of hot metal, film-based systems, electronic systems such as Penta or Miles and now using primarily Quark and InDesign-based composition. Our strength begins with our workforce, who combine the latest in technology with experience in hot metal standards that make for excellent type and pagination.

We provide the highest quality in composition services. Our professional staff includes paginators, proofreaders, and account executives with an average of 20 years experience in the field. Having produced more than 10,000 books, our skills are broad, and include expertise in Trade, Cookbooks, Heavily Illustrated work, Foreign Language Press, Self-help books, Encyclopedias, Math and Technical publications, Health books, Religious Press, and Reference books.
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